Wow. Thank you. 

I did not realize the psychic burden my house was to me. I kind of knew, but after Allana’s guidance and decluttering help I feel an enormous burden has been lifted from me. 

It was encouraging to me to learn firsthand just how a blitz of

cleaning and clearing can be achieved in a short amount of time. 

We did so well on the first day - because I listened to Allana and frankly had had enough of my mess - that we tackled two more rooms on the second day. Who knew so many dry goods had expiration dates? I couldn’t see half of what I had because I had too much in my pantry. Now I can clearly see what I have and intend to use it up before buying more. Sound too simple? It’s something many of us need help with either owing to time constraints or ability. howsimple is that help. Do yourself a favour- get howsimple to help your house be more.  

Gratitude! I needed help sorting out my art studio in my new home; everything I needed was in there, but the room was not workable.

Enter: howsimple, a home organizing service that'll provide practical solutions for your situation. 
In 4 hours we tossed, donated much, then stacked storage units to create a pillar of supplies thus making the entire room workable.

Punchline? I was so jazzed and inspired by this new setup, that I worked on 3-4 paintings, then I decided to paint my bathroom! I think the peace of mind that comes with a well organized home is priceless. I now have a beautiful, workable studio, which will allow me to create more.

Do yourself a favour and ask howsimple to help sort you out! Whether you're downsizing, merging homes, newly wed, or moving in to university, you may need some help.

Thank you so much…OMG I am in bed. So tired. That was three months work in two days…My knees are on fire. Thank you. That was an impossible task made possible.

Just had my first (and not my last) visit with howsimple and I was very impressed with the service and attention to detail.  I was pleasantly surprised at how space that was once cluttered with boxes, papers, furniture etc. could evolve into rooms that actually could be enjoyed. By clearing away the clutter and creating a home for everything, so much time was saved and frustration on my part. We worked together for most of the day and without Allana's help I could never have accomplished as much as we did.  When you are organized, you feel better. It is about making your space and home more enjoyable and that is exactly what we did!  Cannot thank you enough Allana, for your help in getting me started on organizing my home – and my life!  Outstanding and professional service and looking forward to another session soon!

Have spent the morning opening and closing my kitchen cupboards to see how beautifully organized they are.  Thanks so much for all your hard work.  Would mention the laundry room, but don't want you to have recurring nightmares between now and the time we decide to tackle it!